Our patients’ transformation journeys to healthier life

Grab coffee and join us for 5 minutes read to hear these three amazing journeys of our patients to healthier and happier lives!

Tatiana’s story

You may be surprised, but I am also a patient at my clinic and not an easy one.

Even though I am a well-trained doctor and certified professional, I am also terribly scared of needles. Anesthesia is quite a frightening barrier for me. I get very stressed knowing that I am about to have a dental appointment where anesthesia will be injected in my gums. You may find it funny, since I deal with patients every day, but it takes quite an effort on my end to put myself in a dental seat.

What I value the most at Advanced Dental Wellness Centre

Our staff is very understanding. Their primary goal is to help patients relax in order to overcome fear and anxiety during an appointment. Relaxing massages from our therapist, kind jokes from the doctors, and super-friendly attitudes from staff members create a stress-free atmosphere in the dental chair. We are all here for you. We do everything possible to make your appointment pain free and enjoyable.

I have built a team that can meet the needs of patients who, just like me, experience fear during their visits. Having a hand-picked staff, training them, and knowing their capabilities allows me to feel much more relaxed and comfortable during my personal appointments.

Our doctors are confident in their work. If anesthesia is done, then it is done properly in the right nerve to freeze the pain right away. There is 100 percent guarantee of no side effects after surgery due to a doctor’s mistake. Professionalism and competence create happy clients. Therefore, we ensure high standards and successful results.

We work with the truth

If a patient is ready to pay for veneers but has significant bite problems, we tell them upfront that if we put them on, they will come out and their smile will look unnatural and asymmetrical. First, we recommend fixing the bite problem and then consider other solutions.

If you experience jaw problems after dental appointments, you may have TMJ or other dysfunctions. Instead of rushing with the procedure, we prepare you by relaxing your jaw muscles using special equipment to ensure the entire process works fast and smooth.

We encourage you to share all your doubts, reservations, and concerns that may have come from negative experiences in the past. This way, we can fully prepare you for your appointment and achieve great results together.

We ensure our doctors attend the latest medical seminars and use advanced technology

Our doctors continuously learn about the latest innovations in dental industries and discover best practices. We always strive to offer best solutions for our clients just like for ourselves.

Being a patient in my own clinic helps me monitor our services from the client’s perspective. Recently, I needed my bite to fixed. However, our doctor was having a difficult time putting teeth trays on. It bothered my mouth and gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

Fortunately, our doctors recently attended an amazing tradeshow and ordered some state-of-the-art equipment. Once it arrived, the doctor was able to fix my bite. And then the magic has happened – the teeth trays fit perfectly, and my perfect smile was obtained!


Dima’s journey

Jack showed up in our clinic a few month ago. He came to us as an IT professional to update our equipment. He was very pleasant young man with great communication skills and intelligence. He was quite knowledgeable in technology and very easy to speak to. He built a great connection with our staff and everyone in the office enjoyed his company. However, he had big problems with his posture: his neck was twisted, making his stomach stick out. We loved the guy and offered him a consultation and full diagnostics in exchange for his great work at the office.

Jack strongly declined our offer by saying that he does not like doctors and does not need their help. Our staff did not give up, and with collective effort we were able to put Jack in a dental chair.

Fist the doctor conducted full diagnostics of his teeth: he discovered that the patient had very healthy teeth and he was properly taking care of them. Therefore, he did not need any teeth work to be done. But he had a major issue with his bite. Moreover, it was the main reason why he had bad posture and was also getting headaches and neck pain.

We offered him — Invisalign. A simple but effective solution to fix bite problems. It is absolutely transparent, and the person can wear it anywhere and smile freely without worrying about his appearance. We were so happy observing the changes he was going through during his Invisalign treatment. His posture was changing. It looked like he was getting taller. Even his lower jaw became visually much bigger. He began developing very masculine facial features and, in turn, his face became much more open and attractive.

What Jack valued the most at Advanced Dental Wellness Centre

We asked Jack to share his success story after his transformations:

“I worked in many dental offices with a lot of different types of technology. But your office is something! You have super knowledgeable staff but, most importantly, you have latest innovations, tools and equipment!”


Kelly’s journey  

Anna was an older lady who had mercury fillings done in the past. She found out that mercury fillings are very toxic for our bodies and lower our immune system by posing our organisms. She was looking for cost-effective and efficient solution to remove them as soon as possible.

Mercury filling removal is quite a process, but it is life changing. Doctors and their assistants work with mercury fillings while wearing special masks, using special filters, and special equipment to discharge the mercury without impacting environment.  Moreover, special material is used to protect a patient from inhaling steams of mercury and poisoning the body during the removal process.

We successfully replaced Anna’s mercury feelings as it was crucial from an aesthetic point of view and also to remove highly toxic metals that were poisoning her body every time she chews.

Our doctors can remove them in one visit and prevent further intoxication from harmful materials. Moreover, our dentists recommend taking special minerals before and after procedure to help the body get rid of the heavy metals.  And we are proud to say that our doctor has more than 10 thousand hours of experience in removing mercury fillings.

What Anna values the most at Advanced Dental Wellness Centre

Fist I was looking for a cheapest price on the market – I just wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, after conducting some research I realized it is not that simple and Mercury fillings removal requires an exceptional professional and special equipment. Dr. Boris Lypovetskyi from the Advanced Dental Care Centre was able to perform exactly what I was looking for. He replaced these toxic metals with proper fillings. I feel much more energy now and my overall wellbeing became 100 times better! If you are looking for dental services think about the end result you are looking for and then just look at the price points!


Here at Advanced Dental Wellness Centre, we have always been committed to providing our patients with new and innovative ways to manage oral and dental health. Our methods include a more natural and holistic approach.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon as our goal is not only to improve your oral health but also to your body’s overall wellbeing.  Book an appointment with us today!